They identified our key strengths as:

  • The rigorous recruitment and selection of trainees who demonstrate the commitment to become good or better teachers by the end of the course
  • High completion and employment rates.
  • The highly effective personalisation of the course and continuous development of subject knowledge to meet the needs of individual trainees who go on to achieve good outcomes.
  • Trainees' understanding of how to promote effective learning and their willingness to try out different approaches in order to engage and stimulate students.
  • The effective monitoring and assessment of trainees' progress, which ensures they have a clear view of their strengths and weaknesses and enables training to be tailored to their individual needs.
  • The exemplary care and support trainees receive from members of the subject departments or, for the primary trainees, the schools in which they are placed.
  • The effective use of comprehensive quality assurance procedures to ensure consistently high-quality training across the partnership.
  • Clear lines of communication and full engagement of all those involved in the partnership.
  • Commitment of senior leaders to expand provision to support a local and regional need and their capacity for further improvement.