•  "As a school we are proud to have GSA trainees due to the quality of the training provided by the course. The trainees from this ITT programme all develop into excellent professionals that any school would be proud to have on their staff."
      - Nicola Hillyard, Assistant Headteacher and ITT coordinator, Ashfield School

    •  "Here at Chellaston Academy we applaud the excellent work done at George Spencer Academy in selecting, recruiting and training the highest-quality trainees. The feedback we get from all our trainees is always extremely positive. We would recommend any prospective candidate to apply to this 'outstanding' ITT programme."
      - Julie Buczkiewicz, Assistant Headteacher and ITT coordinator, Chellaston Academy

    •  "GSA trainees are offered bespoke training tailored to their individual needs. The partnership between the trainee and all staff involved in the training enables schools to recruit teachers of high calibre."
      - Simon Thompson, Headteacher and ITT coordinator, John Clifford Primary School

    •  "We are delighted with the quality of our GSA trainees. The support and training they receive is excellent and our trainees this year are already developing into talented professionals."
      - Jo Eldridge, Assistant Headteacher and ITT coordinator, The Fernwood School



They identified our key strengths as:

  • The rigorous recruitment and selection of trainees who demonstrate the commitment to become good or better teachers by the end of the course
  • High completion and employment rates.
  • The highly effective personalisation of the course and continuous development of subject knowledge to meet the needs of individual trainees who go on to achieve good outcomes.
  • Trainees' understanding of how to promote effective learning and their willingness to try out different approaches in order to engage and stimulate students.
  • The effective monitoring and assessment of trainees' progress, which ensures they have a clear view of their strengths and weaknesses and enables training to be tailored to their individual needs.
  • The exemplary care and support trainees receive from members of the subject departments or, for the primary trainees, the schools in which they are placed.
  • The effective use of comprehensive quality assurance procedures to ensure consistently high-quality training across the partnership.
  • Clear lines of communication and full engagement of all those involved in the partnership.
  • Commitment of senior leaders to expand provision to support a local and regional need and their capacity for further improvement.


    •  "George Spencer fully prepares you for the challenges of teaching. The highest-quality training and excellent mentoring mean you start your teaching career with a good grounding in the profession."
      - Tom Atkins, Head of Music at Ashfield School (trained 2008/9)

    •  "I fully believe that George Spencer was the best possible choice to do my teacher training. The outstanding ethos and passion the school has for teaching and learning is extremely inspiring. George Spencer not only fully prepared me for my NQT year but for the following years."
      - Tim Barker, Teacher at Derby Moor (trained 2009/10)

    •  "The innovative and rigorous training offered at George Spencer meant that I was fully prepared for the challenges of my NQT year. The focus on practical, individualised targets and excellent training sessions modelling best practice meant that I made rapid progress in meeting the teaching standards."
      - Chris Sweet, NQT History, Harringey School (trained 2011/12)

    •  "I found the opportunity of playing a full role in the school extremely rewarding and beneficial. It enabled me to start my NQT year in a new school with confidence."
      - David Cheshire, NQT Physics Teacher at Southwell Minster School (trained 2011/12)

    •  "Although it was tough I did get a massive amount of support and encouragement from staff in school. It was a life changing opportunity for me."
      - Steve Musson, Year 9 Director of Learning and Design Technology Teacher, George Spencer Academy (trained 2000)

    •  "The staff at Fairfield are inspirational, supportive and encouraging - I wouldn't have wanted to train anywhere else!"
      - Katy Crawford, Year 4 Fairfield Teacher (trained 2011-12)

    •  "You and your team are an incredible mix and something to behold. I aspire to be as good as that one day. So thank you for the continued support that you always give, it really does mean such a lot and sets GSA SCITT apart from the competition."
      - Rebecca Littlejones, John Clifford Primary - School Direct Trainee (2013-14)



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Thumbs Up Pie ChartOnce you become an NQT you are asked to complete an NQT survey asking you to evaluate how well prepared your training made you. Our results are very positive. Over the last three years 100% of trainees rate the overall quality of training as Good or Very Good.

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