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Leadership Pathways

Primary and Secondary Programme for 2019


Our Leadership Pathways Programme is aimed at aspiring middle leaders taking their first steps in leading a whole school improvement project. This programme aims to support participants to identify and realize their career aspirations through the use of a 360 leadership competency diagnostic, high quality coaching, role shadowing in others' schools, and in-school leadership project opportunities. Alliance heads and senior leaders play a crucial role in this programme in contributing to the coaching pool and ensuring that all possible role shadowing requests can be met.


Given the growing importance both of school leadership and school to school support, coupled with the potential shortage of headteachers and leaders at other levels, the issue of succession planning and talent management is of great importance. Collaboration and partnership are at the core of ensuring relevant and practical leadership development opportunities for staff. Our Alliance Leadership Pathways programme is already demonstrating its value in providing a framework for the discussion of an individual's leadership journey and the tasks they should undertake along the way.


For further information, please contact courses@george-spencer.notts.sch.uk 



An Introduction to School-Based Research

Primary & Secondary Programme for 2019-2020

  • Build your research literacy skills
  • Grow confidence in running your own small-scale practitioner and enquiry project
  • Develop a critical approach to evidence
  • Become evidence-informed in approaches to classroom practice


All workshops will be hosted at The Derby Research School Training Hub, Derby (DE24 0EP) and will facilitated by Tammy Elward, Director of the Derby Research School and George Spencer Teaching School Alliance.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Wednesday 14th November 2019


Wednesday 5th December 2019


Wednesday 12th March 2020


Wednesday 11th June 2020



  • To engage with the evidence
  • To construct an effective research question


  • How to be a critical consumer of evidence
  • How to construct an enquiry project


  • A mini-review of early findings
  • To explore limitations of enquiry
  • An opportunity to share findings
  • Final conclusions and implications for teaching




Developing Academic Literacy in your Students

Secondary & Upper KS2 Programme 2020

This programme aims to explore specific strategies which have been proven to raise proficiency in the use of academic language amongst learners and how to apply these strategies in order to raise attainment. It is specifically designed to help you support and further challenge students to:


  • extend academic vocabulary and communication skills
  • understand and interpret examination questions
  • explore and develop critical writing


All workshops will be held at George Spencer Academy and will last for 90 minutes.


Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Tuesday 25th February 2020


Tuesday 24th March 2020


Monday 27th April 2020



  • vocabulary size
  • communicative language
  • cause and effect
  • noun groups and clauses


  • verbs and tenses
  • lexical cohesion
  • modal verbs
  • nominalisation


  • graphic organisers
  • comparing and contrasting
  • interrogating texts using visuals
  • the language of exam questions



Who is this programme for?

  • Secondary and Upper KS2 Practitioners
  • School leaders wishing to implement the ideas across their setting



  • Free – George Spencer Teaching School Alliance members and Spencer Academies Trust and
  • £50 - for non-members for all three sessions.





Teacher Educator Programmes

Programmes for 2019-2020


The George Spencer Teaching School Alliance is pleased to offer the following Teacher Educator Programmes for 2019-2020. Develop self-awareness and deepen reflection in our settings to nurture a powerful learning environment.



Teacher Educator Programme Level 1: Effective Mentoring and Coaching

This introductory programme to mentoring and coaching is aimed at new and aspiring mentors and coaches. The modules are tailor-made for colleagues working in school settings.

  • What is Mentoring?
  • The Mentor-Mentee Relationship
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Setting SMART Targets
  • An Introduction to Coaching
  • Coaching Skills Review
  • An Introduction to Giving Feedback



  • 16/09/19 - 16:00 - 18:00 George Spencer Academy
  • 07/10/19 - 16:00 - 18:00 George Spencer Academy
  • 04/11/19 - 16:00 - 18:00 George Spencer Academy



 Teacher Educator Programme Level 2: Advanced Mentoring and Coaching

This advanced programme to mentoring and coaching is aimed at those with significant experience of mentoring and coaching colleagues through their career development.

  • An Introduction to Transactional Analysis
  • Remaining Neutral
  • Re-Scripting Feedback
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Holding Difficult Conversations
  • Workplace Coaching: The How
  • Workplace Coaching: The Practise
  • Workplace Coaching: The Plan
  • Workplace Coaching: The Record



  • 11/11/19 - 16:00 - 18:00 George Spencer Academy
  • 26/11/19 - 16:00 - 18:00 George Spencer Academy
  • 09/12/19 - 16:00 - 18:00 George Spencer Academy


The courses are highly recommended for NQT, SCITT, School Direct and PGCE mentors but are also suitable for any colleagues involved in or interested in developing a mentoring or coaching role in school.



  • FREE, for coaches and mentors working on the NQT, SCITT, Future Teaching Scholars and Leadership Pathways programmes within the Spencer Academy Trust and Teaching School Alliance (TSA).
  • £30 for all other George Spencer TSA Members and Spencer Academies Trust schools, for all three sessions.
  • £50 for non-members for all three sessions.



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