Physics Non-Specialist Subject Knowledge Programme

Working with Nottingham Trent University and IoP as a Link and Partner School we have designed a course that will develop teachers' subject and pedagogical knowledge to enable them to teach 11-16 physics with confidence to include the teaching of physics A level for suitable participants.

The course aims to develop understanding of issues and complexities which surround the teaching and learning of physics to enable participants to develop scientific skills to complement the knowledge needed to teach students for a deep understanding of physics. This course will include integrated practical elements.



Specific Learning Outcomes

  • To develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills within physics;
  • To will explore the 11-16 physics curriculum as well as the teaching of physics at A level standard for some candidates.



Knowledge areas taught will include:

Motion & Forces

  • Linear motion and rotational motion 


  • Conservation of energy and momentum – impulse-momentum change theorem, law of conservation of momentum and collisions
  • Thermal Physics – Methods of heat transfer and calorimetry 

Electricity & Magnetism

  • Static (electrostatics)
  • Circuits, mains and electrical power including generation of electricity 


  • Nature, properties and behaviours
  • Transverse – light to include reflection, refraction and diffraction
  • Longitudinal - sound 


  • Types, uses and fission and fusion



Participants will be supported throughout by an in-school subject mentor who will facilitate opportunities to observe and try out the ideas from the programme. The course will be delivered through face to face sessions and on-line activities to support and develop learning between sessions.




This programme is ideally suited to:

  • Specialist staff intending to teach physics next year who may not currently have the skill set required.
  • Non-specialist staff who are currently/will be teaching physics.
  • KS2 teachers teaching in a secondary school e.g. nurture groups
  • Teachers wishing to return to the profession.
  • Teachers wanting to increase their job prospects through being able to offer a second subject specialism.
  • TAs wishing to specialise in physics





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