Mathematics Non-Specialist Subject Knowledge Programme

Working with Nottingham Trent University we have designed a course that will develop teachers' subject and pedagogical knowledge to enable them to teach 11-16 mathematics with confidence.


The course aims to develop an understanding of the new national curriculum for mathematics alongside the development of a deeper understanding of the mathematics they will be teaching.



Areas of focus include:

  • Key elements of the KS3 and GCSE curricula
  • Reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Multiple representations
  • Teaching for depth of understanding
  • Teaching and learning strategies
  • Common difficulties and misconceptions in mathematics



Knowledge areas taught will include:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry
  • Statistics


Although the programme for this course is organised into knowledge areas, connections across these mathematical ideas will be made to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving problems.


Participants will be supported by an in-school subject mentor who will facilitate opportunities to observe and try out the ideas from the programme. The course will be delivered through face to face sessions and on-line activities to support/develop learning between sessions.



This programme is suited to:

  • Teachers wanting to upskill their own knowledge and understanding in order to extend the pupils they teach.
  • Non-specialist staff who are currently/will be teaching mathematics.
  • KS2 teachers teaching in a secondary school
  • Teachers wishing to return to the profession.
  • Teachers wanting to increase their job prospects through being able to offer a second subject specialism.
  • TAs wishing to specialise in mathematics
  • FE lecturers delivering level 1/2 mathematics and/or Numeracy



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