Who is this course aimed at?

Teachers within schools that are currently 'good' or borderline 'outstanding' that have the capacity to develop into consistently 'outstanding' teachers. Candidates work in 'Learning Threes' sometimes from their own school and sometimes mixed with other schools. This sort of collaborative learning, supported by facilitators, and the quality of content are what the evidence suggests make the difference between a conventional course and our sessions.


Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must:

  • be 'Good' with the potential to achieve 'Outstanding'.
  • have at least three years teaching experiences.
  • be a highly respected, inspiring professional who demonstrates high order interpersonal skills.
  • have a commitment both to continuing their professional development and that of other staff.


What will it do?

The end result is a teacher who can reflect on teaching with the tools to enable and raise levels of engagement in learning, through providing consistently outstanding lessons. An innovative teacher who is willing to take risks.


It will deliver...

An opportunity for teachers to see outstanding teaching in a host school. Demonstrate a higher level of understanding of teaching and improve learning for students while providing the techniques to 'coach' colleagues and raise performance.


What does it involve?

Each programme comprises nine sessions over nine weeks, within this there are linked practical tasks back in your school including applying what you learn and observation in the host school. Participants focus on a range of aspects of teaching and learning such as challenge, engagement, assessment, differentiation, questioning and planning.


What are the key objectives of this course?

  • To develop the teacher to be outstanding in everything they do.
  • Further development of a common language to discuss teaching and learning.
  • Demonstrate high level understanding of teaching and learning.

  • A positive ethos in which the quality of teaching and learning is observed, discussed and enhanced.

  • The opportunity to develop coaching and mentoring skills to enable them to develop the practice of others.


Programme Commitment

The programme works best if schools are able to send 3 teachers on the same course as coaching takes place in triads. However, is it still viable if schools cannot release 3 teachers at a time. In some instances schools that are geographically close or those already working in clusters may choose to send 3 from across the cluster.


What people are saying:

    •  "Looking to adopt the practices I have learnt on the course across the whole school ie; coaching triangle"

    •  "The programme has renewed my enthusiasm and commitment to developing approaches to teaching and assessing progress in MFL."

    •  "I have started using new strategies in my teaching. I have introduced some of these strategies in school. I have started to introduce the concept of DRICE to teaching staff."


Upcoming Programmes 






If you would like to book places on either programme, please download and complete the attached booking form and email to courses@george-spencer.notts.sch.uk. Your place is not final until we receive your completed form, and confirm back to you.