Year 9 History


Year 9 History is an important year for students to develop their History skills in preparation for GCSE. The content is modern History and students not only look at some of the key events of the C20 / C21st but also look at political ideology and consider moral and ethical issues.


Units of Study

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


Democracy and Dictatorship

The Holocaust

Causes of the First World War

Hitler Youth

Nelson Mandela

World War One

World War Two

The Treaty of Versailles    











  • Who was to blame for the Titanic Disaster? (Evidence)
  • What caused the First World War? (Causation)
  • Do you agree that the Battle of the Somme was a bad day for England? (Interpretation)
  • Why did some children oppose the Hitler Youth? (Knowledge and Understanding)
  • Second World War hypothesis testing (choice of Topic) (Enquiry)
  • Why do we remember the Holocaust? (Significance)



Students are invited to apply for a place on our Year 9 residential trip to the First World War Battlefields. The visit includes entry to various sites and museums, likely to include the Menin Gate (where we will hear the Last Post), Tyne Cot Cemetery and the acclaimed Flanders Field Museum. The trip will include active experiences such as a tour of actual trenches and tasting the meals which were typically eaten by soldiers in the war.


Thursday 26th and Friday 27th June 2014, Cost £160