Year 9 Geography


Year 9 Geography is a vital year for students to hone their skills and develop further knowledge as the scale of study is widened to cover 'world issues'. By the end of the year students will have a heightened awareness of political issues which affect our decisions, such as crime nationally and internationally, as well as deal with current issues in Africa, such as HIV/aids and the debt crisis. All of this comes as we prepare students for our broad GCSE programme where students will be expected to use the skills they have developed to analyse, critique and evaluate issues across the world.


Units of Study

Issues in Africa


Current Issues

Knowledge of place

What is crime?

Case studies of contemporary issues faced by different countries are focused on in preparation for GCSE. These include:


Mapping crime, with regards to scales; Local-Regional-National and international

Development & Debt Crisis

Political Issues faced in crime trails e.g. the Heroin trail




During their studies in year 8 students are expected to develop the following skills:

  • Chloropleth mapping
  • Awareness of culture
  • Empathy for world issues
  • Data handling / analysis
  • GIS
  • Fieldwork (Team work)



The Geography Department are proud to invite students to apply for a place on our residential 'overseas' fieldwork. The Italian Volcanic Odyssey; a six day adventure across Italy, Sicily and the Lipari Islands will fill you with excitement and awe at the world around you. You will climb some of the most active volcanos in Europe and heighten your awareness of other cultures.

(Time of Year: Easter | Approximate Cost £750)

 Mt Etna  Beach and boats