Year 8 Geography


In year 8 the 'lens' of study is widened to incorporate Europe and the European Union. Students will gain knowledge and countries which are in Europe and how those differ from those in the EU. They will develop an understanding of a range of contemporary social, political and economic issues that affect many of us directly and indirectly. For example the UK's role in the EU and whether or not we should use the Euro. Within this year of study the students will uncover individual case studies on Volcanic Hazards across Italy, Sicily and the Lipari Islands. Current issues are regularly incorporated into schemes of learning which gives students a chance to voice their opinions and reflect on stories in the media.


Units of Study

Use the table below to give a 'flavour' of topics studied in year 8




Fantastic Places

Introduction to the Geography of Europe

The geography of Italy (mapping & knowledge of place)

Introduction to fantastic places around the world

EU & Europe

Volcanic Hazards of Italy

What makes somewhere fantastic

Current issues (who should be allowed to join)

Cultural Geography of Italy

Sustainability & the importance of conserving these places



During their studies in year 8 students are expected to develop the following skills:

  • Mapping – Countries in Europe
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cultural awareness
  • Research skills
  • Political Debating skills
  • Cooperative work within a team or group



Students are invited to apply for a place on our year 8 residential fieldwork visit to Snowdonia, Wales. During the 3 night stay students will leave their comfort zones and climb the highest mountain in England & Wales (Mt Snowdon). An introduction to coastal geomorphology, urban studies and fieldwork techniques will be delivered during the trip.

(Time of Year: May | Approximate Cost: £150)


Snowdon lake  View half way up! 


Please note our trip in year 9 'Italian Volcanic Odyssey' is worth a look at for students inspired by their studies in year 8.