We are excited to be hosting 4 new EAL courses at George Spencer Academy, facilitated by Hounslow Language Service.


Working with EAL Beginners Strategies to Access the Curriculum - FRIDAY 21ST APRIL 2017

Can your beginners and early stage EAL learners access lessons in the different subject areas in the classroom?

Do you have a range of strategies that enable you to plan and teach the language and content which EAL beginners need to learn?


This one day course focuses on the teaching of survival English as well as strategies that enable beginners and early stage learners of EAL to access all areas of the curriculum. We explore the skills that these pupils need in order to take part in the oral and literacy tasks in the classroom. We also look at ways of developing thinking skills in relation to content and language. We will examine some beginners' schemes of work and induction strategies that enable new arrivals to settle into school effectively.




Developing Grammatical Accuracy of EAL Pupils -  TUESDAY 16TH MAY

Do your pupils need help with writing grammatically accurate sentences?

Is their writing repetitive?

Do they need to develop the skill to write grammatically complex sentences which are necessary for conveying complex ideas and achieving academic success?


This course will focus on strategies to improve the grammar and use of vocabulary in the writing of EAL and other learners in the classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to explore interactive approaches that:

  • develop grammatical accuracy, improve structure and extend vocabulary
  • enable pupils to rehearse the language orally before writing


A particular focus in this course is exploring ways to extend pupils' use of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in a variety of interesting ways.




Induction for EAL Co-ordinators - FRIDAY 19TH MAY 2017

A one day course designed to equip staff responsible for organising and co-ordinating the EAL work in school.


The session will focus on:

  • planning a whole school approach to EAL
  • successful whole school induction systems for EAL pupils
  • working with parents
  • prioritising needs and support for EAL pupils
  • assessment, target setting, tracking, assessment and raising the
  • achievement of bilingual learners
  • planning for an inclusive curriculum - practical strategies and new EAL resources




Developing Language and Literacy across the Curriculum for EAL Pupils - FRIDAY 9TH JUNE 2017

Can your pupils describe or explain events and processes or develop and analyse an argument in Science, Geography, History or any other subject areas?

Do they have a knowledge of the key features of subject specific vocabulary and language?

Do your pupils have the language to demonstrate that they have acquired the key skills required for different subjects areas?


This course will:

  • analyse the demands that different subject areas make on teaching and learning in the classroom
  • identify the characteristics of subject specific vocabulary and language structure
  • explore practical classroom strategies to enable learners of all levels of English to use appropriate academic language to articulate their ideas in a clear and coherent manner 





To register for any of these courses, please complete the attached booked form and return to karen.kedem@ealhls.org.uk at Hounslow Language Service Ltd.


**Please note that HLS ltd will complete and confirm your bookings and payments**