Who is this course aimed at?

  • Teachers seeking to deliver consistently good lessons.
  • The equips delegates with a range of good teaching and learning techniques as well as developing their skills and the opportunity to apply these skills in school.
  • Accredited by the National College for School Leadership, this is a nationally recognised and versatile programme. The programme (developed by OLEVI) will be facilitated by our outstanding practitioners from George Spencer Academy who have themselves completed the Outstanding Facilitator Programme.


Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must:

  • be at least 'Satisfactory' with the potential to achieve 'Good'.
  • for many schools it is preferred option for those in first 2 years of teaching.
  • have a commitment to continuing their professional development.


What are the key objectives of this course?

  • Know the key concepts underpinning 'good' practice in the classroom.
  • Understand the impact of these concepts on 'good' teaching and learning.
  • Be able to deliver these concepts through consistent practice.
  • Enable delegates to self-assess and audit their own teaching and use this to deepen their understanding of effective teaching and learning through learning activities, lesson observations, facilitated debriefs and follow-up coaching.


The programme will cover the following units:

  • Planning lessons
  • Starter activities
  • Plenary sessions
  • Questioning techniques
  • Engaging in learning
  • Challenging learning
  • Assessment
  • Differentiation


Programme Commitment

The programme works best if schools are able to send 3 teachers on the same course as coaching takes place in triads. However, is it still viable if schools cannot release 3 teachers at a time. In some instances schools that are geographically close or those already working in clusters may choose to send 3 from across the cluster.


Coaching and Support

Participants will require a coach from their school to support them in their activities (this should be someone one with responsibility or expertise in teaching and learning). The Coach should attend the first and last sessions of the programme, provide support for the teachers to work back at school on the practical school based tasks and monitor progress against individual action plans.


What people are saying:

    •  "Excellent range of ideas that will help me highlight progress further."

    •  "I feel recharged and enthused. Gives time away from the classroom to reflect and build, inspire and motivate."

    •  "It has taught me what it takes to deliver a good lesson habitually and the time to reflect and celebrate my teaching."


Upcoming Programmes







If you would like to book places on either programme, please download and complete the attached booking form and email to Your place is not final until we receive your completed form, and confirm back to you.