GCSE Drama

We follow the WJEC Drama and Theatre Studies specification, taught over 9 hours per fortnight during either Year 10 or 11. Rehearsals often take place at lunch time, after school and within school holidays. Theatre visits are also essential; these will take place during weekday evenings. Students will also need to be available for evening performances.




Unit 1 - devised theatre - 40% practical, 20% written:

Students will participate in a series of introductory workshops, looking at the working style and genre of four Practitioners; Stanislavski, Brecht, Artuad and Berkoff. Using a stimulus which is set by the examination board, students will work in groups to create a performance in the style of their chosen practitioner. Students will develop plot lines, characters and plan the technical aspects of their performance. Following the performance, students must create a written report about their performance piece. This report is made of 5 sections, which students will be prepared for writing prior to the assessment. As this is a Controlled Assessment, students must complete their work independently on computers during lesson time. This work will be presented as part of an internal assessment, which is externally moderated.


 Throughout the school year, students will be given opportunities to attend live theatre productions, aimed to support the students' performance style.


 *Please note – student are REQUIRED to commit to extra-curricular rehearsals.



Unit 2 - Performance from a text - 20%:

Students will be placed in groups of 2 or 3 people. An extract from a published text will be given to learners who must go about preparing the scenes for presentation, with sensitivity towards the playwright's original intentions. Students will research the play and playwright, learn the lines, prepare a simple set, and they must consider costume and basic technical aspects such as lighting and sound effects. This unit is assessed by an external examiner


*Please note – student are REQUIRED to commit to extra-curricular rehearsals.



Unit 3 - Written examination - 20%:


Students will study a play which has been nominated by the examination board:



Confusions - Alan Ayckbourn:

During the examinations, students must write responses from the perspective of an Actor, a Designer (Set and Costume) and as a Director. Students will be required to discuss the performance intentions for characters and describe the skills with which this performance should be delivered. Students must also write a performance evaluation based upon their scripted performance for Unit 2. Students will reflect on the process and their performance before reflecting on their personal skills. This unit is assessed by an external examiner.