Year 9 Drama

Units of Study


Students work in groups to produce a Physical Theatre and Abstract performance in response to the Picture of 'Guernica' by Pablo Picasso in response to the bombing of the small Spanish market town, of the same name.




Students explore a range of comedy performances looking at the map cap mischief of Monty Python, to the situation comedy mayhem of Miranda.

Students will work alone or in a pair to respond to the physical communication of David Almond and his 'Interpretive Dance', creating a performance of their own for 40% of their unit grade.

Students will then use a guidebook to work as an individual or a pairing to develop a performance based on traditional Clowning routines. They may select from; 'The Washer Women', 'The Whip Cracker' or 'The Wirewalker'.



Blood Brothers

Students explore the story, made famous by the musical, Blood Brothers. Students explore the performance skills required to play the part of the same character at different stages of their life. Students work to create two text based performances. The first, a solo piece 'I wish I was our Sammy'. The second element of assessment is a paired performance of an extract from the play. Students must develop their role, learn the script and present the scene.



At an entry level, students will explore the dramatic working of practitioner Antonin Artaud (who is studied in more depth at GCSE/A Level). We will look at some of the key features of his work and students will create a 'Nightmare' themed performance in groups making use of an 'abstract' style of physical performance.


GCSE Taster

Students are issued a selection of inspiration points. In line with the GCSE specification, students will work in groups to develop and rehearse a performance which responds to the stimulus, using one of the performance styles that they have studied during their programme of Study at George Spencer Academy.