Year 8 Drama

Units of Study


Students use drama skills and conventions to explore the story of Rosa Parks. Students explore the topic of segregation, developing empathy and social conscience as they progress.


Xmas Carol

Students explore a more abstract form of working, looking at non-naturalistic drama techniques. Students develop an atmospheric piece of non-naturalistic Drama based upon the classic tale 'A Christmas Carol'.


Greek Theatre

Students are given a glimpse into the period of time which is the home of modern theatre as we know it. Students will explore the origins of Theatre and look at the specific features of Greek Theatre, and the use of the Chorus. Students will work in groups to create a piece of drama inspired by the story of Antigone and using the Greek Theatre techniques.


Performance Skills

Students focus on the specific skills of presenting a character for a theatrical audience. We look at the seven key skills of the actor, use of voice, body and gait, as well as supporting students on their performance and presentation skills. We explore the importance of the audience and how the purpose of the performance piece will impact on the skills used by the actor. At the end of this course, students will develop a piece of performance work which is character based.


The Accident

This is a very naturalistic performance piece. Students explore a story which has been designed to challenge them in character performance and in the application of empathy. Students explore the story of a road traffic accident and focus on their drama skill set through a series of workshop lessons. Following this, students will use 'witness statements' to piece together the plotline, before presenting the story in a dramatic form.