Year 7 Drama

Units of Study


Students embark on an introduction to academic drama through this module. Looking at basic drama skills and developing on stage confidence, students use the story of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as inspiration. Students will develop their confidence in front of the class in a safe environment, with a bright and lively lesson content to spark their creativity.



This module looks at the culture of the Native American Indians. Students explore the differences between modern living and living as a hunter-gatherer. Students are introduced to new drama techniques, which they will apply to the performance that they will create in response to the true story of Ishi, the last Native American Indian of his tribe.


Gallery (William Towers)

Students look back in history to the Victorian era. We explore how an actor can represent different types of characters and learn about the differences between the rules of social engagement, law and order and living conditions. Students will then complete an enquiry task in order to discover the details of the true story of William Towers, a 11 Year old boy who was imprisoned for 2 months hard labour. Students will then use their drama techniques to plan and develop a performance piece to tell William Towers' story.


Chinese New Year

Students use physical theatre and non-naturalistic dramatic techniques to explore a range of Chinese myths and proverbs. This leads to the students looking at the story of the Chinese Zodiac (the Jade Emperor and the race). Students will explore the use of physical theatre, personification and non-naturalistic techniques to create a presentation of this story.


The Party

This module is based upon the theme of social inclusion and bullying. Students will explore and make use of a range of naturalistic and non-naturalistic dramatic techniques to explore the impact of social exclusion on both an individual and group basis.