Learning & Inclusion Centre

We have developed a purpose built centre to support students from 11-18 at the academy. The centre includes our AIM room (see below) and also The Space a neutral specifically for students on the autistic spectrum. We are able to offer support on the planning, design and operation of centre specifically aimed at meeting the needs of ALL students in your school.



AIM (Action Including Me) Room

We have developed a model of good practice to support students with BESD, through our AIM room. The room is a base for other successful initiatives including TOAST (time out and some toast), our breakfast club and BIP (behaviour improvement programme) groups. The benefits of this room have been:

  • A targeted and supportive environment for our most vulnerable students.
  • Development of specialist resources for supporting students.
  • Confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved inter-agency working.


Our staff can help you develop a similar approach to this provision.



Inclusive Sports

We run a highly successful Inclusive sports club on a Monday evening. Students participate in a wide range of sport and leisure activities, which includes both individual and team work. We are able to offer places to students at the club, or advise on how to set up a similar club in your own school. The benefits of the club have been:

  • Increased pupil participation in sport.
  • Confidence and self-esteem.
  • Opportunities for collaboration with special school and other sports clubs.



Learning Disability & Difficulties

We are also able to offer a number of bespoke programmes on a number of aspects of provision for LDD students including:

  • Timetabling and deployment of learning support assistants
  • Quality assurance of LDD provision including use of access checklists
  • Differentiation



Nurture Programme - Effective Transition at Key Stage 2-3

We have developed a model of good practice to support those most vulnerable students at transition between primary and secondary. Our model is based on introducing an additional tutor group for a discrete number of students, utilising the expertise of a key stage 2 teacher, following a bespoke integrated curriculum. The benefits of this model have been:

  • A targeted and supported environment for those most at risk.
  • Improved literacy levels
  • Appropriate and tailored integration into mainstream school
  • Parent and family liaison and support
  • Confidence and self-esteem


We are able to offer advice on the setting up and running of a nurture group, along with resources created for the group.

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