A Level Art & Design: Photography



What is Photography?

Digital Photography is a creative subject in which you are expected to produce practical and critical/contextual work in one or more areas including portraiture, landscape photography, still-life photography, documentary photography, photo-journalism, experimental imagery, photographic installation, video, television and film.


Who is it for?

It is for those who like to be practical and creative and wish to express themselves in a personal manner. It may be part of your career route or a satisfying alternative to more academic work. It is essential students own their own compact digital camera (a minimum 6MP) or SLR.


What is studied?

Students will study the formal elements; line, colour, texture and pattern. They will develop image manipulation ICT skills and how to create dynamic compositions through a number of themes. They will consider the work of artists, designers and photographers to enhance your learning and creative understanding, as well as photography in an historical context.


2 year A-Level Course

Year 1 September – May

Exploration of skills both with the camera and through Photoshop, development of personal ideas


Year 1 June – Year 2 January

Component 1 Personal Investigation

60% of the A-Level


Year 2 February

Component 2 Externally Set Assignment

Preparatory Time + 15 hour examination

40% of the A-Level