A Level Art & Design: Fine Art



What is Fine Art?

Fine Art is a creative subject in which you are expected to produce practical and critical/contextual work in one or more areas including painting, drawing, mixed-media, sculpture, land art, installation, and printmaking.


Who is it for?

It is for those who like to be practical and creative and wish to express themselves in a personal manner. It may be part of their career route or a satisfying alternative to more academic work. Students should have a grade B in GCSE Art unless there are extenuating circumstances.


What is studied?

Fine Art which includes drawing, painting, ceramic sculpture mix media printing, 3D construction and printmaking. Students will be expected to work from both primary and secondary sources, develop an understanding of art vocabulary and visit local and national galleries and museums. Contextual research is also a very important element, where both traditional and cutting edge artists are explored.


2 year A-Level Course

Year 1 September – May

Exploration of skills, development of ideas, taking risks


Year 1 June – Year 2 January

Component 1 Personal Investigation

60% of the A-Level


Year 2 February

Component 2 Externally Set Assignment

Preparatory Time + 15 hour examination

40% of the A-Level