GCSE Fine Art and Photography



Basic Equipment

Students are required to buy a number of art materials to ensure they are well-equipped to complete the course. Packs are available to buy at the start of the academic year through the Art Department, or students are able to source their own. Additionally GCSE students can purchase an A3 portfolio (£1.50) or A2 portfolio (£2) from the Art department.



GCSE students are assessed using the AQA Art and Design Assessment Objectives for both the Fine Art and Photography specialisms.




Both courses are very content heavy. Students will be required to be well organised and willing to put in a lot of effort out of lessons. Students are encouraged to make use of the 'Move Forward' P6 sessions that are regularly available each week with Art Staff available for additional guidance and advice.


Mini Project - Bugs

Undertaken at the start of the course; pupils will explore and experiment with media through the repetition of one image.


Main Project

The main coursework project is a personal investigation into a given theme. Students produce work that is influenced by artists/art movements/cultures and continually develop skills with a variety of media.




During the year there are two opportunities for students to exhibit the work they are creating. The first takes place in January and is a display of coursework final pieces. Once the final examination has been completed and the displays boards have been put up a final 'End of Year' show exhibits both the students' exam and coursework portfolios.



Students are actively encouraged to visit Local and National galleries to look at original artworks. Artist research and analysis are both extremely important components of the GCSE.