Year 9 Art

GCSE skills will be embedded into all projects in Year 9 to give students a flavour of further art study and provide opportunities for creative independence. This will include: connecting to the work of others; producing independent designs; and making personal choices with materials. Year 9 students will be expected to produce and present quality final pieces of art work.





Figure to Doodle Product Design

This can include: observational drawing; colour; composition; painting skills; 3D paper construction; photography; and the use of ICT.



Photography Skills Project

A 6 week introduction to Photography focussing on creating a series of images that relate to a theme whilst showing use of basic photographic composition rules.



Day of the Dead Cultural Theme

This can include: design; mixed media skills; batik; clay; oil pastel; print; clay; and the use of ICT for research.


Students are encouraged to provide their own research and resources to work from. The importance of allowing students to take charge and have creative opportunities to develop their own personal response to a theme is paramount.