Basic Equipment & Assessment


Staff using a bank of statements assess students in Years 7 – 9 regularly. These statements assess technical skills as well as analytical, planning and creative thought processes. These statements along with the arrangement of the Key Stage 3 projects directly link to the GCSE examination criteria for Art & Design. Students are regularly given opportunities to self and peer-assess work produced in order to be fully involved in the feedback process.


Preparatory for Learning

Preparatory for Learning is regularly set with all year groups.


Through Key Stage 3 students have a variety of tasks that involve short flipped learning tasks, research tasks, and longer length home study projects.


During Key Stage 4 independent out-of-lesson learning is paramount for success and to ensure good progress through the projects and breath of work required for the coursework portfolio and externally set assignment.


Here are some excellent Preparatory for Learning tasks produced by Key Stage 3 pupils. 








Key Stage 3 has been created to ensure strong progress of skills throughout the three years in preparation for GCSE, and future progression towards A-Level.

The Art Department vision is:

  • To provided outstanding teaching and learning to develop creative, reflective and innovative thinking students.
  • To enhance knowledge and understanding of a variety of contextual sources, and use these sources to develop personal and meaningful responses.
  • To develop a practical skill base using a variety of media, as well as enhancing ICT, literacy and numeracy skills.
  • To provide a safe, nurturing , supportive and positive environment to allow all students to thrive and succeed.



Schemes of Learning follow the pathway required to succeed at A-Level. Building understanding of how our ideas and skills are enhanced by informed contextual sources. Projects are structured to encompass:

  • Observing and Recording
  • Analysing
  • Expression and Imagination
  • Using materials
  • Developing skills
  • Using ICT
  • Evaluating


Drawing Challenges

Students regularly undertake observational drawing tasks to develop skills in this area. For each project throughout Key Stage 3 students will be required to complete a 'drawing challenge' during lesson time. This allows staff to assess students' progress in drawing skill and ability.