gsa-prospectus-18-1063George Spencer has a national reputation for providing high quality education for students of all abilities which has been recognised in Ofsted inspections, culminating in the most recent outstanding inspection where we achieved grade 1s in all categories.


In 2011, because of our excellent track record of achievement and high quality teaching, George Spencer Academy became one of the first Teaching Schools in the country. Subsequent designations as a Centre for Initial Teacher Training and a training provider for Leadership Development, entrust us to provide extensive training and development for teachers and leaders, sharing our best practice and engaging with others in learning and research developments.  In 2012 George Spencer Academy became the lead school and education sponsor of The Spencer Academies Trust.


We are a small Trust committed to raising standards. Our mission is: "To improve the life chances of children and young people by challenging and supporting all the schools within the Trust on their journey to and beyond outstanding". It enables all of the schools involved to share resources, ideas and best practice.




A Message from the Principal


Welcome. I am extremely proud to welcome you to George Spencer Academy.


George Spencer Academy is a warm, friendly and vibrant community that is built on an ethos of high expectations for all and a belief that every child will be successful both academically and as lifelong learners.


We are an Academy with strong moral values that firmly believes the power of education shapes children's lives. The Academy is centred on a culture of excellence where we respect each other, are self-motivated, disciplined, have a thirst for learning, and a strong sense of pride in belonging to the Academy.


George Spencer Academy is committed to providing educational opportunities of the highest quality for all its pupils and we believe in educating the whole child. We deliver a broad education that is ambitious, varied and stimulating in a caring environment that creates well-rounded individuals who excel and benefit from our innovative approaches to teaching and learning. We are mindful that academic results only go so far and therefore provide a curriculum that includes a comprehensive programme that supports children in preparing for life in modern Britain, and provides a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities.


George Spencer Academy is driven by raising aspirations, expectations and achievements for all and continues to be a major contributor to educational excellence. As a high performing, successful academy we are very much outward facing and a leader of school improvement. We are an embedded part of our community and work closely with local, national, and international partners. Our academy has a strong foundation of support and development for all with a fundamental aim of creating vibrant and dynamic learning experiences so every child can become an ambitious learner.


Our website will enable you to discover more about the Academy, it truly is an amazing place.


Mrs H Corbett




Every Child Matters


We pride ourselves on knowing each student as an individual. In addition to having a dedicated Learning Manager with responsibility for academic progress, personal development and well-being, we also have a non-teaching pastoral support assistant for each year group to help students with personal development and well-being.


Children's safety is our number one priority. OFSTED note that we 'exceed' safeguarding requirements. We have two designated Child Protection officers. We cover extensive work on anti-bullying, student health and economic well-being in the curriculum, alongside and ever-evolving online safety provision.


We have a wide range of opportunities for students to be heard. Not only are there a range of Student Leadership roles, but there is also a drop in student voice office and a number of surveys throughout the year for students to air their views. We also expect students to get involved in school life through our student leader programmes. We expect parents to be actively involved in school life and all parents can join our FrOGS and also give us feedback and help to shape policy through our Parents' Forum.