Our team of SLEs and LLEs come from a range of schools including primary and secondary phases. They are outstanding leaders across all phases with the skills to support individuals and teams in other schools. They can help enhance outcomes, systems, resources and people. Their expertise covers a range of subject areas; English, maths, SEN, Languages as well as middle and senior leadership support. SLEs will work with you to improve an area together – whether it's in the classroom, walking the corridors or playgrounds, or leading and managing a school.



Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. They understand what outstanding leadership practice in their area of expertise looks like and are skilled in helping other leaders to achieve it in their own context.


The SLE role was created to help raise standards and improve the quality of school leadership through school-to-school support and peer-to-peer learning. This new designation recognises the important role that senior and middle leaders play in improving schools and outcomes for children.


All deployments will be negotiated between the employing school and GSA TSA and funding will be reimbursed to schools for release. Rates, charged to the school receiving the support, start from £150-£200 for half a day to £250-£350 for a whole day.



Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) are successful Headteachers who work as system leaders to support school improvement. LLEs are all serving Headteachers who have been trained to support fellow Headteachers through a coaching and mentoring approach, acting as critical friend. As a Teaching School Alliance, we have a growing team of LLEs and we broker deployment of LLEs across the Alliance of schools.


Commissioning an SLE or LLE

If you would like to commission an SLE or LLE contact the Teaching School Alliance team for more information.


Our Current SLEs







Elizabeth Attwood

George Spencer Academy

Maths, Assessment for Learning, Curriculum Development, EAL, Numeracy, T & L, Collaborative Learning, ITT, NQT Development

Vicky Cavill

George Spencer Academy

MFL, Methodology

Sue Clayton

George Spencer Academy


Emma Edge

Markeaton Primary School

Maths, PSHE, Curriculum, T&L, Assessment, ITT, NQTs

Jules Gordon

George Spencer Academy

Aspiring HoD, Coaching, BIDS, Leading Stem, Data, QA, Curriculum, AFL, Assessment, Literacy in Science, Science, Differentiation, CPD, Research in Education

Tanya Hall

Ashfield School

Leadership, New leaders, Aspiring HoD, AfL, Active Learning, Data, Coaching, QA

Joanne Harrington

Elizabethan Academy

English, Literacy, Literacy Intervention, Phonics (Secondary), Reading (Whole School Engagement), Differentiation, AFL, Planning

Lisa Harrison

Bluecoat Academy

ITT, ICT Subject Leadership, CPD, MER, Curriculum Development, AFL, BFL, Differentiation, T&L, Learning to Learn, ICT

Victoria Jones

George Spencer Academy

SEN, Support Staff, Primary Transition, Pastoral, Support for SEND, Pupil Premium, ITT Development

Verity Lee

Sunnyside Spencer Academy

Whole school ICT, Curriculum Development, Assessment of ICT, Digital leaders, Pupil led learning, Technology in lessons, use of IPad’s in classrooms

Chris Stoddart

The Bramcote School

T & L, School Improvement Group, Subject Leadership, AFL, Tracking Pupil Progress, Science, Coaching, INSET

Phil Taylor

Ashfield School

Leading Faculty, Performance Data, QA and action planning, Raising attainment, Narrowing the Gap, Maths, Positive Ethos

Fran Summers


Assessment, CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, Geography, ITT & NQT

Tracey West

Chetwynd Road Primary

Reading, Writing, Grammar

Andrew Morgan

Friesland School

Maths inc. GCSE & A Level, Behaviour

Ben Sugden

George Spencer Academy

English, T&L, ITT & NQT Development, Assessment, Curriculum Development,

Emma Marshall

Long Field Academy

D&T, Art and Design, Curriculum Leadership, Pastoral Leadership, Pupil Progress, Assessment for Learning, T&L, Assessment & Feedback, Sharing Good Practice

Jodie Milson

Southwark Primary School

Maths, Curriculum Development, Assessment in Maths, Pupil Progress & Attainment, Coaching in Maths

Paula Chattin

Portland Spencer Academy

EYFS, Community, Nurture, Support EYFS, Behaviour, ITT, Classroom Management

Dan Copeman


Curriculum Design, Structure and Implimentation, Staff ICT Computing Transition, Assessments, Interventions and Tracking, Key Groups, Subject Knowledge Development

Aimee Allen

Portland Spencer Academy

NQT Mentor, Pupil Premium Project Leader, KS1 Lead, Pupil Premium, Closing the Gap Interventions, Literacy Lead Teacher, NQT Development, ITT Development

Debbie Botting

Fairfield Primary Academy

ITT Development, Growth Mindset Training, Outcomes for Pupils Literacy, ITT/SCITT and NQT Development, SCITT Subject Moderation (Primary)

Gemma Whiley

Chetwynd Primary Academy

Primary Maths Mastery Specialist, Maths Lead, Music, Mentoring, Intervention Mastery, ITT Development, Outstanding in Ofsted, Maths area of Excellence

Kelly Gallimore

Wyndham Primary Academy

Speech and Language, Nurture Groups, Support for SEND, Pupil Premium

Chris Chisholm

Shepshed Hindleys


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