Year 9 Electronic Products


In Year 9 students build on skills gained in Year 7 and 8 along with learning new techniques required for their GCSE course in Electronic Products. Lessons are structured to gain knowledge and practice of skills preparing them for future design and make tasks.


What is involved?

Students will be introduced to a range of electronic processes that will allow them to gain skills in the identification and placement of various electronic components. A working knowledge of circuits from using basic components to IC and PIC based applications will be gained. Students will gradually develop their knowledge and understanding of concepts and see the complexity of the circuits they create increase. Students will develop soldering skills and independence in problem solving and finding logical solutions to create products.


The sustainability of electrical systems and components and how society and industry has changed as a result will be studied. Students will also learn how computers can be used in the design and manufacturing process. Along with completing a variety of practical skills students will also develop their communication and creative thinking skills, in preparation for completing their GCSE coursework in Year 10. Student's work on a range of focused based practical tasks. Some examples of the students work can be seen below: