Years 7 & 8 Systems and Control


Through a variety of creative and practical activities pupils are encouraged to think creatively, become problem solvers, innovators and design products. Students explore the use of materials, new and old, learn practical making skills, understand how to apply form, shape, aesthetics and ergonomics to create functioning product.


Units of Study

Board Game Project: Students design and make an electronic dice board game that will be capable of being used in a variety of situations. The dice should have a clearly visible light output to show the number "thrown" and use standard electronic components. The students use elements of Resistant Materials, Graphics and Electronics to create their game. Students are introduced to elements of Control in which they learn how to perform basic programming, using computer software incorporating flowchart theory to create a random number generator used to replicate the actions of a dice.

See some examples of excellent practical pieces of work produced by these year groups below. The students have 'Aimed Higher' and produced outcomes of high quality.