Year 9 Graphics


In Year 9 students build on skills gained in Year 7 and 8 along with learning new techniques required for their GCSE course in Graphics Products. Lessons are structured to gain knowledge and practice of skills preparing them for future design and make tasks.


What is involved?

- Drawing skills
- Computer Aided Design (CAD),
- Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
- How to select and use appropriate tools.

In Year 9 students with complete a variety of drawing skills and computer skills which they will use in Year 10 for their Controlled Assignment. They will develop their communication and creative thinking skills, in preparation for completing their GCSE coursework in Year 10.


They will complete the following projects:

- Drawing skills (one point perspective, two point perspective, isometric, exploded , orthographic and information drawing techniques)

- Innovative Packaging (2D design & laser cutter and Adobe Photoshop and modelling.

- Animated Film (relaunch of DVD and POS Display) Sketch up, 2D Design & laser cutter, modelling and Adobe Photoshop.