Year 9 Resistant Materials

In Year 9 students begin their GCSE course in Resistant Materials. Lessons are structured through a range of short "Design and Make" practical projects and theory lessons covering all aspects of the examination and build on skills gained in Year 7 and 8.


The course involves the students taking on the role of a product designer creating everyday products. Students present their ideas in many different ways, depending upon the product and the stage of the design. They use drawings, photography and computer generated images to explain and produce models to sell their ideas.


Students use graphic techniques and ICT, including computer aided manufacture to develop, model and communicate design proposals. Different societies, age, cultural, environmental and historical issues need to be taken into account in the planning of and designing of these products. Students may use a broad range of materials in the modelling, prototyping or manufacture of their products such as timber based materials, metals and plastics.


In Year 9 students develop their communication and creative thinking skills, in preparation for completing their GCSE coursework in Year 10. Student's work on a range of focused based practical tasks that include:

- Morph-it
- MP3/Phone Holder
- Hold - it