Years 7 and 8 Resistant Materials


In Resistant Materials the aim is to provide a creative and stimulating environment for students to work in. Students are encouraged to become problem solvers, both as individuals and in groups - looking for needs, wants and opportunities and responding to them by developing a range of ideas, making products and systems.


Practical skills are combined with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices. Students are encouraged to reflect on and evaluate present and past D&T, its uses and effects.


Units of Study:

- Plastics
- Casting
- Wood

- Memphis Clocks (Full Design and Make Project)

These exciting projects introduce students to a variety of workshop skills. They will manufacture the 3 projects as an introduction to the materials of wood, metal and plastic. Each of these projects allow the students to gain the skills required to be able to design and manufacture their Memphis Clock.


Students will be able to:

- Practice a range of cutting, joining, shaping and finishing processes.
- Practice a variety of decorative techniques.
- Use basic CAD in 2D.
- Develop a large variety of workshop skills.
- Have a good understanding of the basic Resistant Materials.


Memphis Clocks:

This project introduces the students to designing and manufacturing for a market. Students will research a variety of designs by the Memphis Design Group in order to inspire the creation of their own clock. The students will:

- Research and Design specification.

- Design ideas and develop them.
- Model their ideas.
- Produce working drawings.
- Plan the manufacture.
- Prepare materials, using at least two Resistant Materials.
- Work accurately and modify accordingly.
- Apply a finish.
- Test their product.
- Evaluate their product using peer assessment.