Year 8 Sport

How is PE taught?

PE is taught in two groups: 'Single Sex' and 'Mixed Sex Lessons'.

Students from Year 8 are set ability wise.


Sports & activities covered:

Students may study the following physical activities:

- Autumn/Spring Terms: Gymnastics, Dance, Health Related Fitness, Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Rugby.

- Summer Term: Athletics, Rounder's, Cricket, Softball and Tennis.



Students will:

- Be able to plan, perform and lead a warm up for themselves/others.
- Develop, broaden and apply their range of skills in each sport or activity they participate in.
- Develop a greater understanding of the associated rules and tactics of each sport.

- Develop their knowledge and understanding of key terminology and aspects of sports and activities.
- Evaluate their own performance and the performances of others.



Students will be assessed through:

- Their practical performance.
- Their ability to evaluate their own and others performances.
- Their knowledge and understanding of rules/tactics.
- Their ability to plan sequences and choreography.



- Indoor activities – Black shorts, white T-shirts, black socks and trainers.

- Outdoor activities –Black shorts, white T-shirt, black socks, rugby tops/red jumpers, trainers/boots.

- Other possible kit – Plain black tracksuit bottoms, gum shield, shin pads, hair bobbles.