Year 8 English


On a rotation system, students study the following during the course of Year 8:

- Non-Fiction Reading

- Non-Fiction Writing

- Poetry

- Animal Farm

- Shakespeare


How you can help:

Below are some 'Top Tips' that your child can use to help boost their English levels.


Reading - read widely!

- Read fiction!

- Read newspaper articles and magazines. Try to notice the devices they use to interest and involve the reader e.g. rhetorical questions, alliteration etc.

- When you read a text try to read between the lines to work out what it is trying to tell you.

- Remember to use the P.E.E. rule (point, example, explanation) when you are writing about how a text works.

Visit the Library website to see the list of 50 recommended reads.



Writing - check your work carefully!

- When you have completed your work (including homework) read through it to check for mistakes. Ask your parents to check it too.

- Make sure you present your work neatly in blue or black ink.

- Keep a log of spellings you often get wrong in the back of your book.

- When you get a piece of work back, read through it, read your teacher's comments and correct your spellings.

- Use your teacher's advice when you tackle your next piece of work.


Speaking and listening - get involved!

- Listen carefully to instructions in class.

- When you work in a group listen to other people's opinions and think about them carefully.

- Put your hand up to ask and answer questions in class.

- Try to take a leading role in class and group discussion.

- Practise speaking in front of others to improve your confidence.

- Make sure you face your audience and speak clearly, loudly and confidently.